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Replays of School Board Meetings are Tuesdays at 9am and 5pm


                          Welcome to FSDTV25, the three-time award winning community television station*.

FSDTV25 specializes in video and multimedia integration for SAU61.  Some of the projects have been to boost school spirit, classroom integration, and specialized learning.  
TV Production and Digital Photography are classes at Farmington High School.  Some of the programs learned are Adobe Photoshop and Premiere instructed by an Adobe Certified Educator.  For those students looking to excel and pursue other avenues of the program, Movie Making 101 is available as a "Running Start" program, which is a college level class with credit taught at the high school.

FSDTV25 has been recognized state wide from Mayors, Senators, Governors, and has received several awards including the Union Leaders' top 40 under 40, Seacoast top 10 to watch, and the Governor's Art award.

Besides recording school board meetings, and graduations FSDTV25 also records some of Farmington's greatest sports moments and their flagship program; student made movies.  Under FSDTV25's tutelage students learn as early as Valley View, continue at Henry Wilson Memorial School, and finally graduating at Farmington High School; along their journey they are introduced and taught importantly technology skills that is imperative to post high school success.

To watch a click demonstration video on what FSDTV25 is all about, click here

To learn and watch the Student Made Movies click here

E-mail any questions to FSDTV25@sau61.org

*Alliance for Community Media - Northeast Region - Budget under $100,000