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Title 1/Homeless Support Information

Farmington School District

Title I, Part A Overview

       Title I, Part A of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act/No Child Left Behind is designed to help disadvantaged children meet challenging content and student performance standards. The funds are allocated to school districts based on poverty data. Once the allocation is received by the district, the funds are used to meet the needs of students that are academically in need of additional support.

    All school with in the Farmington School District function as Schoolwide Title 1 schools.  Under this model, student benchmark assessment scores and performance in class are reviewed to identify students who will be offered Title 1 support. All Title I support is provides in addition to academic support that the district normally provides. Some examples of additional support provided in the past through Title I, Part A funds within the Farmington School District are as follows: 

  • additional academic support provided by additional staff within the classroom or within a pull-out (outside the regular classroom) model
  • after-school and summer academic programs and assistance
  • additional professional development for school staff, focused on the implementation of the school innovation plans
  • additional books and materials in the classroom and in Title I pull-out programs
  • supplies and funding for parent involvement activities
  • supplies, materials, tutoring and support for homeless students
  • additional technology and intervention tools

 Additional information regarding the Title I, Part A program within the Farmington School District can be requested through the District Title I Proiect Manager and Homeless Liaison, Cynthia Sparks at or 603-755-8212. 

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Farmington School District

Family in Transition Contacts

 Cynthia Sparks, District Liaison         755-2812

K-3   Andrea Ackerly                          755-4757

                                     Rebecca Fredette                     755-4757

                           4-8  Alison Williams                            755-2181

                           9-12  (to be filled)                          755-2811

Policy on Admission of Homeless Students