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Welcome to the Farmington School Board Page

Joel Chagnon,Chairperson
Penny Morin, Vice Chair      

Angie Cardinal, Secretary
Stan Freeda                 

Linda McElhinney       


2018 FSD Annual Report


FSB Budget Development & Meeting Schedule

 for FY18-19

Tax Rate Post Deliberative Session (2/3/2018)

Proposed Paraeducator Agreement 2018-2021

Public Notice Deliberative Session & Voting

Warrant Articles Approved by School Board

MS27 FY 2018-2019 (w/Page 5 Revised)

Default Budget FY 2018-2019

Budget Presentation to Budget Committee December 20, 2017

11/2/2017 School Board Budget Workshop

11/6/2017 School Board Meeting & Budget Review

11/13/17 School Board Budget Workshop

11/20/17 School Board Meeting & Budget Review

Summary of Budget by Object Code FY 18-19

General Fund Budget FY 18-19

Athletics Budget FY 18-19

Behavioral Services Budget FY 18-19

District Wide Budget FY 18-19

Facility & Maintenance Budget FY 18-19

Henry Wilson Memorial School Budget FY 18-19

High School Budget FY 18-19

Instruction & Curriculum Budget FY 18-19

Pupil Services Budget FY 18-19

SAU Office Budget FY 18-19

School Board Budget FY 18-19

Technology Budget FY 18-19

Transportation Budget FY 18-19

Valley View Community School Budget FY 18-19

Default Budget FY 18-19

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Upcoming FSB meeting dates:

October 1, 2018

October 15, 2018