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Welcome to the Farmington School Board Page

Joel Chagnon,Chairperson
Penny Morin, Vice Chair      

Angie Cardinal, Secretary
Stan Freeda                 

Linda McElhinney       

Audit Documents for the Farmington School District


2018 FSD Annual Report


FSB Budget Development & Meeting Schedule

 for FY18-19

Tax Rate Post Deliberative Session (2/3/2018)

Proposed Paraeducator Agreement 2018-2021

Public Notice Deliberative Session & Voting

Warrant Articles Approved by School Board

MS27 FY 2018-2019 (w/Page 5 Revised)

Default Budget FY 2018-2019

Budget Presentation to Budget Committee December 20, 2017

11/2/2017 School Board Budget Workshop

11/6/2017 School Board Meeting & Budget Review

11/13/17 School Board Budget Workshop

11/20/17 School Board Meeting & Budget Review

Summary of Budget by Object Code FY 18-19

General Fund Budget FY 18-19

Athletics Budget FY 18-19

Behavioral Services Budget FY 18-19

District Wide Budget FY 18-19

Facility & Maintenance Budget FY 18-19

Henry Wilson Memorial School Budget FY 18-19

High School Budget FY 18-19

Instruction & Curriculum Budget FY 18-19

Pupil Services Budget FY 18-19

SAU Office Budget FY 18-19

School Board Budget FY 18-19

Technology Budget FY 18-19

Transportation Budget FY 18-19

Valley View Community School Budget FY 18-19

Default Budget FY 18-19

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