Press Release Welcome Back Superintendent Vaughn

Press Release to Welcome Back Superintendent Vaughn and Principal Gardner
Posted on 09/06/2019
Press ReleasePress Release:

The School Board welcomes back Superintendent Ruth Ellen Vaughn and High School Principal Barbara Gardner.

On May 7, the Chair of the School Board received a copy of a report prepared by the Farmington Police Department regarding compliance with the Safe Schools Act.
Upon receipt of the report, the School Board arranged for an investigation by an outside investigator. After a thorough investigation, including a review of police department records, the School Board has determined that there was no threat to student safety and no basis for disciplinary action for either Superintendent Vaughn or Principal Gardner. Ms. Vaughn and Ms. Gardner’s names were unfortunately included in multiple news reports which linked their names with concerns about student safety. Student safety has always been a priority to Superintendent Ruth Ellen Vaughn and high school Principal Barbara Gardner as well as the Board. Going forward, the School Board plans to work with the Police Department to update the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the School District and the Police Department designed to implement the Safe Schools Act and to ensure that additional training regarding the Safe Schools Act and the updated MOU is provided to school staff. The School Board is confident that Ms. Vaughn and Ms. Gardner will continue to work together effectively, as they have in the past, to protect student safety, which is a high priority with both the School Board and the Administration.