June 22, 2018: Last Day of School 
Half Day For Students

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School Shooting/Gun Safety Forum at FHS

On Friday, April 20th, in response to the Parkland shootings and the anniversary of Columbine, Farmington High School scheduled a time for students to be heard by adults who were poised to listen. We hosted our state representatives, Mr. Joe Pitre and Mr. James Horgan. They were joined by Michael Todd from the NH Department of Homeland Security, by Chief Jay Drury and SRO Tom McNulty of the Farmington Police Department, and by our Superintendent, Mrs. Ruth Ellen Vaughn. We wanted students to have a platform to voice their ideas and concerns, and wanted for it to be their time. It was student-focused and student led, with their questions and their agenda.

70 students and staff gathered in the FHS library for a forum moderated by senior Erin Gaumond. Student panelists included sophomore Sydney Tarrants, sophomore Malachi Little, freshman Jaxson Niles, junior Paul Roy, junior Syllas Boisvert, senior Cynthia Langley, and sophomore Emma Hunting. Student questions covered issues such as the effectiveness of school safety and drill procedures, the use of cell phones during emergencies, reasons more money is not spent on safety and security issues, gun sales and related legislation, and background checks.

Adult responses stressed variations of the “see something, say something” campaign. Students were reminded that in many of the school shootings since Columbine, someone knew something that may have helped to prevent the incident. Students were encouraged to help create a culture of caring for one another. “Know your peers and talk to them,” advised Chief Drury.  “If a student seems upset, let an adult know so that the individual can get the proper support.”

Superintendent Vaughn reminded the students that their connections to each other and to the school community around them were their first line of security. “Knowing one another and where each is emotionally and relationally is key to being able to reach out and prevent another tragedy. Not all aspects of a security plan can be shared publicly, but know that we are working with local and state resources to keep you as safe as we can. You are part of that solution.”

Michael Todd also encouraged students to share their ideas about curbing gun violence and school shootings with Governor Sununu on his website, https://www.governor.nh.gov, by clinking the link for “School Safety Preparedness Taskforce.”

FHS Principal Dr. Mohr summed up the event: “I think the students were well-organized and very thoughtful in presenting opinions, asking questions, and offering solutions.” Students were respectful of the process, of each other and the participants who joined them at the table for the forum.    

We are extremely proud of our students and hope to repeat this format on a variety of topics in the future.              



A note to our Farmington families:

In a week where happenings across the country have made us contemplate what is wrong with our world, please know that your students’ safety is a primary concern for us. Drills that took place on Friday afternoon had been scheduled with the Farmington Fire Department since August. Our security audits with the Department of Education were scheduled back in January, and we are continuing to review our plan and our options for improvement. As educators, our hearts break with our colleagues in other states who have experienced tragedy up close in ways that no one wants to think about. We hurt for the families who have been affected by the violence. But we are committed to your children, and our place is here at school with them.

Please understand that some of your questions about safety plan specifics cannot be answered for reasons of school security. In the event that we need to reunite students with parents after a campus evacuation, you will be directed through this SAU website, email, and School Messenger alerts about the procedure. Please do not call the school office as the lines will be needed for emergency communications; should you have additional questions, secondary contact numbers will be posted in the instructions for retrieving your students. We pray that we never need to use these plans, but being prepared is a priority. 

Ruth Ellen Vaughn


June 22, 2018, Last Day of School 
Half Day For Students

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Recycled Percussion members Justin Spencer (left) and Ryan Vezina (right)

 visit HWMS and FHS on Thursday, November 16th to perform for students and 

to motivate them to be kind and to actively participate in their education.


FHS’s own Ambush Percussion meets Recycled Percussion

and gets a few pointers from the pros!


   Two hundred schools were nominated for the visit; ten were chosen.
We represent two of the ten! Thank you for a great opportunity!!

See the band's Facebook and Instagram pages for more pictures of their visit to Farmington!



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The Farmington School District is a supportive learning environment for students, school staff, families, and the greater community.


Farmington School Board
May 15, 2017
6:00 PM
Farmington High School Library
40 Thayer Drive, Farmington, NH 

To the inhabitants of the Town of Farmington, you are hereby notified that pursuant to HB 329, the Farmington School Board will hold a public hearing for the purpose of legalizing, ratifying, or confirming the election results of the school budget and warrant articles from the election that was postponed on Tuesday, March 14, 2017 due to severe weather, with said election taking place on Tuesday, March 28, 2017. 


Concerns about Thirteen Reasons Why

Dear Farmington School District Families,

The Netflix series Thirteen Reasons Why has gained national attention for its discussions of teen trauma and suicide. These are important conversations to have with your students, and information regarding the content of the series can help you make informed decisions. The concerns raised by the following resources are worth consideration.  

Please find out if your child has read the book, watched the series, or heard of the series; if they have, please talk with them about it.  We also suggest that you research the series so you understand what your child may be exposed to.  There is a list of talking points included in this correspondence to help with these conversations, as well as a list of resources for your reference.  

Thank you for your attention to this very important topic. Should you feel you need more information or support, please contact the school counseling department.

Ruth Ellen Vaughn
Superintendent of Schools
SAU 61
Farmington, NH 03835

From the NH DOE  ETNews Listserv

ITEM:  FYI - Concerns About Thirteen Reasons Why

The Netflix series Thirteen Reasons Why is based on the book that was released 10 years ago. It follows a group of high school students as they follow the story that was left behind for them by their classmate who died by suicide.  

The trailer and advertisements for the series can be misleading.   In watching the series, young people and teenagers could perceive the message that suicide is a viable and/or romanticized option. The content of the series is extremely graphic with troubling scenes throughout each episode, which may be difficult for the teenage mind to watch and process in an appropriate way.

The series has some of the following shortcomings:

  • There is no mention of mental health and treatment options, as it references suicide throughout
  • The idea of suicide is romanticized throughout
  • There are no examples of help-seeking by the teens impacted
  • There are several scenes throughout depicting serious trauma, which the teens do not seek help or resources for (i.e., rape, bullying, car accidents, fights, alcoholism, suicide)
  • The series does not express what to do in harmful situations in terms of getting help or utilizing healthy coping skills
  • The series is not meant to be an educational film, and its message does not comply with the health recommendations for treating mental health, and/or trauma, or preventing suicide

Talking points for Thirteen Reasons Why*:

  • Reassure your youth of your love and support.  Remind your youth that there is no problem too great to be handled.  
  • The main character in the series was experiencing an untreated mental health problem. Suicide is not a common response to life's challenges or adversity. The vast majority of people who experience bullying, the death of a friend, or any other adversity described in Thirteen Reasons Why do not die by suicide. In fact, most reach out, talk to others and seek help or find other productive ways of coping. They go on to lead healthy, normal lives.
  • It is important to know that, there are many treatment options for life challenges, distress and mental illness.  Mental illness is treatable. If you feel like you need support or someone to talk to, reach out. Talk with a friend, family member, a counselor, or therapist. There is always someone who will listen.
  • You may have similar experiences and thoughts as some of the characters in Thirteen Reasons Why. People often identify with characters they see on TV or in movies. However, it is important to remember that there are healthy ways to cope with the topics covered in the series and acting on suicidal thoughts is not one of them.
  • Suicide is never a heroic or romantic act. The main character's suicide (although fictional) is a cautionary tale, not meant to appear heroic and should be viewed as a tragedy.
  • If you are concerned about someone, ask them about it. It will not make someone more suicidal or put the idea of suicide in their mind. Knowing how to acknowledge and respond to someone who shares their thoughts of emotional distress or suicide with you is important. Don't judge them or their thoughts. Listen. Be caring and kind. Offer to stay with them. Offer to go with them to get help or to contact a crisis line.
  • When you die, you do not get to make a movie or talk to people any more. Leaving messages from beyond the grave is a dramatization produced in Hollywood and is not possible in real life.
  • The main character's tapes blame others for her suicide. Suicide is never the fault of survivors of suicide loss. There are resources and support groups for suicide loss survivors.

*Resources:  www.save.org;  www.jedfoundation.org


‘13 Reasons Why’ depicts a graphic suicide. Experts say there’s a problem with that.  Washington Post


National, State, and Local Resources

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

The Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress and crisis resources for you or your loved ones.

National Sexual Assault Hotline 1-800-656-HOPE (4673) or

Confidential Online-Chat online.rainn.org

The National Sexual Assault Hotline provides 24/7, free and confidential support to sexual assault survivors and their loved ones.

Haven 24/7 Confidential Hotline 603-994-SAFE (7233)

Haven is the local sexual assault/domestic violence agency for our region in NH. The Haven hotline will connect you with a local trained advocate who provides judgment-free emotional support and local referrals for anyone impacted by domestic violence and sexual assault. You DO NOT need to be in crisis to call.

Center for Life Management (centerforlifemanagement.org) **Newton

24/7 Emergency Number 603-434-1577 option 1

CLM provides comprehensive mental health and substance use services, psychiatric treatment, acute care, medication services, emergency intervention, and family support services for adults, children, adolescents and families.

Seacoast Mental Health (smhc-nh.org603-772-2710 **Kingston and Fremont

Emergency Services available 24/7 by calling the office at 603-772-2710

Seacoast Mental Health provides comprehensive mental health and substance use services, psychiatric treatment, acute care, medication services, emergency intervention, and family support services for adults, children, adolescents and families in the Seacoast area.



SAU61 Phone # 603-755-2627 - FAX # 603-755-9334

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