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Welcome to the SAU 61 IT Department Page!

Our Staff:

District Network Associate
Matthew Johnson

Help Desk Technician
Isaac Stanchina

District Videographer
Stephen Henry

To submit a digital tool or app for use in the classrooms or schools, please use the following link and indicate the school and SAU 61 in the notes: Digital Tool Agreement Request

To go to the Student Data Privacy Consortium site directly and see the status of all  digital tools requested  for use in SAU 61 schools, click here.

(click here for a full screen list view.)

Digital Tool Request

Farmington School District adheres to Federal and NH State mandates such as Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) and 
House Bill 1612 section of RSA 189:66 to ensure safety of student and staff information and content access through the use of technology in the schools. Information on district technology policies can be found online at or on the NH Department of Ed site on Data Collection and Reporting.

In accordance with HB 1612, below is a list of the approval status for all staff requested digital tools online or downloaded and installed for use in the school environment. This list could change as privacy policies and agreements may change in yearly reviews. The Farmington School District takes student and staff data privacy regulations seriously and is proud to be a member of the NH chapter of the  Student Data Privacy Consortium. To see all districts participating in this program, visit their site here.