Farmington Flexible Learning Program

Welcome to the Farmington Remote/ Flexible Learning Program info page!


To support learning in times where traditional physical classroom learning is not an option, we have created a Farmington Remote/ Flexible Learning Program to continue student learning outside  traditional classroom walls.

Support information for families
April vacation and end of school year (4-8-2020)

Memo to families 4-7-20

Memo to Families 3-31-20
Remote Learning Schedule Changes

NH Food Access Map from the UNH Extention

For technology support, email
to start a support ticket or call 1(603) 755-8012 and leave a message. Our IT staff check the inbox remotely at times scheduled day and evening. Online office hours 8-5 M-F and Sunday 6-8 pm.

For the nurse's hotline, email or call each building's nurse directly and the message forwards to their email inbox checked regularly:
-VVCS Nurse 755-8011
-HW Nurse  755-8182
-FHS Nurse  755-8006

If you are a family that does not have access to a device or internet for your students, please call the device hotline at (603) 755-8211

How to Resources to support students with their remote materials:

Full Details of Farmington Flexible Learning
This Google document is updated constantly as we review this fluid situation. View full screen by clicking here.