Student 1 to 1 Device Program

Parents and Guardians,
have a student device in need of repair?

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Student/ family agreement in district assigned device use
To see the full Student Device Agreement form signed when you receive a device, click here.
Student Responsibilities:

  • The assigned device is to be used for educational purposes and belongs to the district.
  • Changes to the hardware are not permitted.
  • The assigned device will be returned in the same condition it was issued (except for normal wear and tear).
  • The student is responsible for alerting their teacher (or school‐level support) if the assigned device stops working, requires service, or the device gets lost/stolen.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to bring the device fully charged to school each day and/or the student will return the device and the charger at the end of the school year or as directed by the district. 
  • The student agrees to abide by school board policy which outlines acceptable and responsible use of computer equipment when using this device.
  • The student may be responsible for the cost of repairs if they are determined to be caused by intentional damage or neglect.

Chromebook Care Tips

  1. Use the correct charger and try to use a surge protector.
     If using a phone charger, it may not take or hold the charge, as they have different wattages. While it's OK to use in an emergency, if used regularly, it will appear to "Not hold a charge" as the phone charger is not strong enough to properly charge the Chromebook battery or may even damage it. Surge protectors also help to protect the battery, if possible. (The largest number of tickets have been in this category.)
  2. Hold in the Power button for 6 seconds to completely turn off your Chromebook each night to charge better. Not only will this charge better, but the Chromebook will refresh when turned back on to receive any new settings sent to it.
  3. Do not throw your backpack or drop it down too hard with the Chromebook inside.
    - this causes screen damage, keyboard and other major damage.
    (While we will look at procuring padded sleeves/cases through a grant or donation program, reminding them about care with the Chromebook inside will help.)
  4. Do not eat, drink or paint over the chromebook.
    - We get a lot of liquid damage or food crumbs, paint and dirt related "this keyboard doesn't work anymore" tickets. Tip!- While best to close the chromebook, if needed, instead put a paper, towel or napkin over the keyboard if you have to eat/drink or paint near it.
    This will not be covered under warranty and an invoice may be sent home to cover repair costs.
  5. Take care of your keyboard!
    - Do not flick off keys or use anything other than fingers to operate the keyboard and take care not to  swing/hit bookbags in a way that will damage the keyboards or other parts.
    These keyboards are flick resistant so it takes quite a lot of improper care for keys to come off. This is not necessarily covered under warranty and an invoice may be issued.
  6. Do not crush the chromebook between or under heavy objects 
    -Anything such as a pile of books, heavy, sharp or hard objects would be included. This will cause screen damage, keyboard damage, and other damage to the motherboard.
  7. Instruct students to not pick up the Chromebook by the screen or top part of the device.
    We receive tickets from fingers cracking screens or creating a "dark puddle" due to picking them up by the screen top. Please encourage students to pick up Chromebooks by the bottom of the device or close it first. 
    (The "dark puddle" symptom from picking up by the top.)
    broken chromebook screen
  8. Be Careful leaving the ends of your charging cord where they can be stepped on or run over.
    We have received some mangled, bent, broken and stripped open chargers or reports of lost chargers. Invoices may be issued home as well depending on the situation by building administration.
  9. Students should not use the screen as a tracing surface- If a student places paper over the lit screen and then traces the image, the writing utensil is causing damage to their screen pressing and cutting into it.

Replacement Chargers are available in the library or main office for a related fee. Here is a sample list of charger prices subject to change related to supply.

Thank you for your efforts assisting us in making our student device program successful for our students!