Farmington Flexible Learning Program


Welcome to the Farmington Remote/ Flexible Learning Program info page!


To support learning in times where traditional physical classroom learning is not an option, we have created a Farmington Remote/ Flexible Learning Program to continue student learning outside  traditional classroom walls.

Support information for families

Remote Learning Schedule Changes

NH Food Access Map from the UNH Extention

For technology support, email [email protected]
to start a support ticket or call 1(603) 755-8012 and leave a message. Our IT staff check the inbox remotely at times scheduled day and evening. Online office hours 8-5 M-F and Sunday 6-8 pm.

For the nurse's hotline, email [email protected] or call each building's nurse directly and the message forwards to their email inbox checked regularly:
-VVCS Nurse 755-8011
-HW Nurse  755-8182
-FHS Nurse  755-8006

If you are a family that does not have access to a device or internet for your students, please call the device hotline at (603) 755-8211

How to Resources to support students with their remote materials:

Full Details of Farmington Flexible Learning
This Google document is updated constantly as we review this fluid situation. View full screen by clicking here.